E-mail classification

Save time on financial administration: let our software automatically extract invoices from e-mail attachments and find and merge the specifications with them. Want to know more?


Get rid of that overflowing invoice mailbox

Your e-mail box is bulging with all sorts of different messages, from birth announcement to reminder to invoice. You now have to open and classify all these emails separately. We have automated this process for you.

suppliers are informed in time

If the order or route number is missing, the supplier automatically receives an e-mail asking them to complete their invoice.

only the real invoices go through

In the financial process, you only want to process invoices, not dunning letters and reminders. Our e-mail classification provides a fully automated assessment of the content of your e-mail message.

What do our users say?

❝ We are very happy to have automated the time that goes into organising your invoice inbox. This saves us a lot of time!❞

These (and many other) companies have already joined us

Fully automated

As an organisation, you often use one e-mail address for receiving pdf invoices, to which invoices can be sent in. In reality, this e-mail address is not only used for sending invoices, but also for reminders, demands and sometimes even birth announcements. Classifying the received e-mails and assessing attachments often takes up a lot of time in the financial administration. We have fully automated this process for you!

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