what is peppol?

Peppol is used for the secure and cross-border receipt and/or sending of e-invoices and purchase orders between businesses (B2B) and governments (B2G), among others.


higher customer satisfaction

All the aforementioned benefits contribute to higher customer satisfaction; be it customers or suppliers.

greater accuracy

Invoices are read flawlessly into the financial software. This also saves a lot of time you'd otherwise spend manually processing and checking invoices.

shorter payment period

Invoices enter the supplier's financial software package directly. This has been proven to get invoices paid faster.

better security

No more phantom invoices or double invoices. Everyone working with Peppol is identified by a unique identifier, e.g. the KvK (Dutch chamber of commerce) number in the Netherlands and the KBO number in Belgium.

larger network

As more and more organisations join Peppol, the coverage on this network automatically increases.

Did you know..

Peppol is based on 3 components? The network, document specifications and the legal framework that defines network management.


The most important thing when sending an invoice is that it is paid quickly and error-free. #PeppolFirst means that we automatically check every customer to confirm they have a connection to Peppol (with a Peppol ID). If so, the invoice is also sent via Peppol. Our software does everything automatically, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Should the customer not have a Peppol ID yet, the default fallback is sending a pdf and xml invoice by e-mail with a deeplink. Another default option can of course be selected in your software.

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