E-invoicing for smes

Invoices on paper, as pdf's or e-invoices: with our solution for digital invoices, you can process them all automatically in your own software!


process all your invoices

Whether they are individual receipts, paper invoices, pdf invoices or e-invoices. We process them all flawlessly in your financial administration.

use your own software

No need to install external software to start e-invoicing. Link eConnect to your own software and get started right away!

up-to-date administration

Because eConnect processes all types of invoices, these are immediately reflected in your records. That means your administration is always up-to-date!

What do our users say?

❝ Because eConnect now is our service provider, we no longer have to worry about invoice formats and through which channels this information is sent or received. This now happens automatically!❞

these (and many other) companies have already joined us

Purchase and sales invoices on paper, as pdf's or e-invoices: with our solution for digital invoices, you process them all automatically in all connected software packages. This means your financial administration is always up-to-date and you have a fully digital archive with dashboards and workflow functionality. Our focus with digitisation is on processing e-invoices, which means that you benefit directly from all future developments in this field.

Connect your software with eConnect

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