Our Procurement Service Bus (PSB) can exchange all e-procurement messages between different networks/standards regarding procurement: from a quote/tender, order, delivery, status messages to the invoice.


transfer safely

Our PSB is based on REST API Webservices, with OAUTH2 security. Statuses and delivery of documents are securely transferred to the client.

Procure to pay

E-procurement provides a fully electronic procurement process, from order to invoice processing.

High volumes

Our Procurement Service Bus is equipped to handle high transaction volumes without losing speed and reliability.

What do our users say?

❝ With the integration of all messages (including packing slips, orders and invoices) considering the purchase of goods or services exchanged between different networks and standards, we now really have control over the total procurement process from purchase to pay (P2P).❞

E-procurement - how does it work?

With the Procurement Service Bus (PSB), econnect focuses specifically on exchanging all messages regarding the purchase of a service or product between different networks and standards. Our PSB is set up to process high transaction volumes with high speed and highest reliability.

E-procurement is particularly suitable for organisations with high volumes. The main advantages are:

  • Req-to-check, from purchase to payment.
  • Automatic matching and approval of invoices with orders.
  • Secure, fast and accurate exchange of data.
  • Standard networking and transformation of invoice standards.
  • Optimisation of the internal ordering process and the ability to create decentralised orders.

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