E-invoicing for accountancy

eConnect makes it very easy to automatically process your customer's entire administration. Want to know more?


a better collaboration

With our unique authorisation module, you can access the customer's invoice archive. This ensures even better collaboration!

scan & recognise, and e-invoicing

Combine scan & recognise and e-invoicing for optimal effeciency. Your customer scans, we take care of automatic processing. You'll save time!

use your own software

No need to install external software to start e-invoicing. Link eConnect to your own software package and get started right away!

Machiel Roos, Lansigt accountants & tax advisers

❝ The administration is always up-to-date and provides valuable additional management information.❞

these (and many other) companies have already joined us

Complete administration

As an accountancy or bookkeeping firm, you process the administration for your clients in your financial software. Our partnership for accountancy makes it very easy to process your customer's entire administration automatically. Thanks to the combination of scan & recognition and e-invoicing, you receive all invoices in one standard invoice format directly in all supported accounting software. In short, we provide everything for optimal cooperation and efficiency.

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