process invoices automatically

Digitise your entire incoming invoice flow. eConnect processes all your invoices automatically, from pdf to real e-invoice. We have a suitable solution for you too!


e-mail classification

In financial administration, a lot of time is often spent tracking e-mail boxes. Save time with our smart email classification software!

invoice processing

Purchase and sales invoices on paper, pdf or e-invoice: with our solution for digital invoices, you process them automatically in all connected software.

xml transformation

The amount of e-invoice formats is increasing daily. There are industry-specific formats, and each country has its own requirements. With eConnect, this is no problem!

scan & recognise (ocr)

Receive and process e-invoices automatically and error-free in your financial software and also process all other documents, such as pdf invoices, declarations and receipts. 100% e-invoices in one day!

booking proposals

Booking purchase invoices requires knowledge. We have combined human and machine knowledge in a powerful booking robot, which always makes a booking proposal to the invoice based on this knowledge.

eScanner app

Submit your expenses such as receipts and kilometres with our clever eScanner app and we will take care of automatic processing in the records.

supplier onboarding

eConnect has the solution for activating your suppliers with WeConnect®!