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We contribute to innovation in the field of real e-invoicing

eConnect is working to modernize one of the most important and time-consuming business processes: namely, making the entire administration process electronic: machine2machine. Our mission: a fully automatic administration for everyone.

We do this with a very clear vision. Our starting point is e-invoicing over a secure and open network. All processes within eConnect are aimed at the strongest possible, automatic growth of e-invoicing. This is through our own detection mechanisms, but also by using our authority in the field of e-invoicing in various places.

We are a member of / participant in:


Peppol is an international project aimed at standardizing cross-border electronic messaging worldwide. eConnect is a board member and participates in various working groups.

Dutch Peppol authority

The Dutch Peppol authority ensures that certified service providers comply with the Peppol framework, in which joint agreements have been made about the safety, reliability, and interoperability of the digital infrastructure.

In addition, the NPa supports the service providers with whom it has a contract, both technically and functionally.


In the Standardization Platform for e-invoicing (STPE), a clear message is communicated about the application of the European e-invoicing standard (EN 16931-1 'the core invoice') in the Netherlands. eConnect is a member of the steering committee and the Change Advisory Board.

Quality marks & certificates

ISO27001 certification

Since 2018, eConnect has been ISO27001 certified. This means we comply with the international standard for information security. The standard contains a large number of rules and instructions that ensure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of (personal) information. The standard is aimed at continuous improvement through the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle.

NEN7510 certification

Since 2020, eConnect has been NEN7510 certified. This means we comply with the Dutch standard for information security in the healthcare sector. The scope of the certificate is: "Securing information related to the development, delivery, and maintenance of the eConnect cloud solution for healthcare institutions. Providing training to customers for these products. The hosting of the data is outsourced to an external supplier, in accordance with the statement of applicability, version 1.3, 12/05/2020, which specifies which activities, products, or services are outsourced and what interfaces exist with healthcare institutions."

Peppol Access Point Certified Provider

eConnect has successfully completed the required registration and conformity test procedure of OpenPeppol and is officially a Peppol Access Point provider.

UBL Ready

eConnect successfully participated in the UBL Chain Test and is therefore qualified as 'UBL Ready.' UBL Ready is an initiative of GNBED and Platform E-invoicing and the follow-up to the UBL Chain Test, which was supported by Economic Affairs.

DICO certification

eConnect is DICO certified. With the DICO standard, companies in the construction and engineering sector can quickly, accurately, and securely exchange information, regardless of the software package the company uses. With this certification, eConnect demonstrates that it operates according to the DICO standards.

Quality mark e-invoicing

eConnect has the Quality mark for E-invoicing, which means that the platform meets all basic principles for e-invoicing. This quality mark is issued by the Foundation for E-invoicing Assurance.


OASIS has validated our SMP and conducted a conformance test.


eConnect is a participant of DBNA.

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We contribute to innovation in the field of real e-invoicing
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