easy sending

Sending e-invoices doesn't have to be difficult. Often, this can already be done via your own software, and if not, we have a free e-invoice portal. So, we have a suitable solution for you too!

automatic processing

Digitize your entire incoming invoice flow. eConnect automatically processes all your invoices, from PDFs to real e-invoices. Quickly benefit from an automatic administration!

what is peppol?

Peppol is used for the safe and international receiving and/or sending of, among other things, e-invoices and purchase orders. Want to learn more or connect?

What customers say about econnect

Chamber of Commerce
Bianca de GraafChamber of Commerce - Team leader financial administration
Bianca de Graaf
"eConnect maintains pleasant communication towards our suppliers, approachable and professional. It doesn't matter whether they advise an SME or corporate organisation. All questions and requests are addressed. You really feel they are a partner."
Arnold MesPeinemann - Group Controller
Arnold Mes
"eConnect does what it's supposed to do. It can be that simple."
Safety region Limburg-Noord - Senior employee financial management
Wendy Wetzels - TitulaerSafety region Limburg-Noord - Senior employee financial management - Senior medewerker financieel beheer
Wendy Wetzels - Titulaer
"We really appreciate eConnect's personal approach. You have the feeling that you know eConnect's employees and that they know us."
Utrecht University
Florence PlompUtrecht University - Project manager
Florence Plomp
"I found it very much in favor of eConnect that action was taken quickly. In addition, communication was very pleasant. We quickly gained clarity about the impact of e-invoicing for our organization and what the costs were."

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