e-invoicing for healthcare

Confidentiality is very important in healthcare, and this also applies to administration. With e-invoicing, you safely exchange your invoices with all your suppliers. Want to know more?


Process all your invoices safely

Whether it is the energy company, suppliers of medical devices, or healthcare personnel on a freelance basis. All invoices are safely and automatically processed in the administration.

iso27001 & nen7510 certified

eConnect is ISO27001 & NEN7510 certified. This means we comply with the Dutch standard for information security, also in the healthcare sector. This ensures safe exchange!

free invoice portal for freelancers

Do you work a lot with freelancers? Then our invoice portal offers the solution. With this, they can send a free e-invoice. That's very convenient!

What do our users say?

❝ We value that purchase invoices are reliably entered into our systems, so we don't have to doubt the authenticity of the invoice. This way, we can work even more efficiently.❞

these (and many other) companies have already joined us

Safe, accurate, and fast

With e-invoicing, you can improve services and optimize internal operations. Additionally, with e-invoicing via Peppol, you ensure the safe exchange of invoice data. Automated data processing delivers significant cost savings, faster processing of invoices, and fewer administrative errors compared to paper invoices.

connect eConnect with your software package

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