e-invoicing for housing associations

In addition to DICO invoices, process your cost invoices (such as energy and telecoms) automatically as e-invoices, and send e-invoices via the fast-growing and secure Peppol network!


cooperation with corporatieketen.nl

eConnect and Corporatieketen.nl, SaaS solution for organising and facilitating the chain process within housing associations and construction and installation companies, have joined forces. Together, they realised a secure invoice flow between corporations and suppliers.

scan & recognise, from pdf to e-invoice

eConnect offers Scan & Recognise that enables processing of pdf invoices. Multiple file types are processed (such as jpg, bmp and original Word and Excel documents). 100% of invoices are recognised and processed. Reminders, duplicate invoices and invoices with essential errors are rejected with workflow.

e-invoicing with dico and peppol

We provide flawless integration of various e-invoicing platforms (DICO/Peppol). Messages can also be delivered securely via the DICO standard. We're good at this! This way you can receive from Peppol in your own (DICO) software.

Bertus Meijer, founder Corporatieketen.nl

❝ Housing associations have discovered the benefits of e-invoicing by now in working with parties from the construction and installation sector. With eConnect's solution, it is now also possible to securely receive and process e-invoices from suppliers from other sectors.❞

these (and many other) companies have already joined us

econnect's solution

Currently, only the invoice flow around Daily Maintenance, such as repair requests, is covered. Corporatieketen.nl is now working with eConnect to ensure that all invoices, including cost invoices for energy and telephony, for example, are delivered securely in the form of an e-invoice. Housing corporations, meanwhile, have discovered the benefits of e-invoicing in cooperating with parties from the construction and installation sector. With eConnect, it is now also possible to safely receive and process e-invoices from suppliers from other sectors. Moreover, it is a solution that takes into account the housing association sector's specific requirements for incoming invoices. In short: this solution is unique and specific to the housing association sector!

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