e-invoicing for education

Save time on administration and start e-invoicing. Use your own, familiar software and link to eConnect!


e-ordering for the STAP project

As a teacher, arrange your e-ordering for the STAP project easily via eConnect. This can be done both via the platform and via our Procurement Service Bus (PSB). Safely via the Peppol network!

use your own, familiar software

Easily process all invoices automatically in your own accounting software. We now have 30+ software links. Customise your settings and get started with e-invoicing!

with focus on your suppliers

Do you find it difficult to ask your suppliers to use e-invoices? Together we ensure a smooth transition, with attention for all your suppliers: from self-employed to large organisations.

Florence Plomp, Utrecht University

❝ I found it very much in favor of eConnect that action was taken quickly. In addition, communication was very pleasant. We quickly gained clarity about the impact of e-invoicing for our organization and what the costs were.❞

Deze (en vele andere) organisaties gingen je al voor

up-to-date administration

Since 18 April 2019, educational institutions are obliged to receive and process e-invoices from their suppliers. By digitising invoices, they can be processed faster with significantly fewer errors. Thus, all invoices (paper, pdf and e-invoice) are automatically included in all connected financial software applications. This means records are always up-to-date and a complete digital archive with dashboards and workflow functionality. eConnect helps you do just that!

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