e-invoicing for various industries

View our overview for e-invoicing for different industries here.


self-employed people

Our invoice portal is the solution for self-employed people. You send free e-invoices to all your (government) customers. You can also process all your purchase invoices and receipts easily via eConnect. Creating your account is easy!


Always up-to-date accounting and a complete digital archive with dashboards and workflow functionality. Invoices on paper, as pdf's or e-invoices: with our solution for digital invoices, you process them all automatically in your own software!


As an accountancy or administration firm, you process the administration for your clients in your financial software. Our partnership for accountancy makes it very easy to process your client's entire administration automatically.


You want to pay your suppliers as quickly as possible. E-invoicing ensures continuity, speed, security and error-free processing of your records. eConnect helps you do this!


Confidentiality is very important within healthcare, the same goes for your administration. With e-invoicing, you securely exchange your invoices with all your suppliers. Safe, accurate and fast!


Save time on administration and start e-invoicing. By digitising invoices, they can be processed more safely and error-free. Link up with eConnect now!


e-invoicing via dico and peppol. We provide flawless integration of various e-invoicing platforms (DICO/Peppol). Messages can also be delivered securely via the DICO standard.

housing corporations

In addition to DICO invoices, process your cost invoices (e.g. energy and telecoms) automatically as e-invoices, and send e-invoices via the fast-growing and secure Peppol network!


Digitisation and automation are very important in the transportation sector. With e-invoicing, you process all your invoices automatically and securely, from seperate receipt, pdf to real e-invoice. This saves a lot of time!


To access e-invoicing networks such as Peppol, Tungsten, Ariba and Coupa, we have developed the most reliable and innovative solution in the market. Our e-invoicing software is particularly suitable for high-volume processing!

software supplier

Connect to the global Peppol network or other e-invoicing networks? With our Procurement Service Bus (PSB), customers can send invoices to and receive invoices from any organisation on the e-invoicing network, directly from your software.

employment agencies

Invoicing is often a complex process, especially for organisations in employment services. There are numerous things to consider. With e-invoicing, you can solve all this.

legal profession

Time is valuable within the legal profession and should preferably be used in the best possible way for your clients. To achieve this, it is important to spend as little time as possible on internal processes, such as administration. By using e-invoicing, you will save not just time, but also money.

urban green space

Making records electronic saves a lot of time. Link eConnect to your software package and you can get started with e-invoicing right away. Not only sending, but also receiving and automatic processing are among the possibilities. Moreover, e-invoices via the Peppol network are safe and less prone to errors.