Multichannel network integrations

Automatically deliver files in your customer's preferred network (including Peppol, Coupa and Tungsten). Save time and avoid errors. Do you want this too?


Set up once, we take care of the rest

After implementation, we provide maintenance on invoice formats and network protocol changes.

test and implement with swagger-UI

Integration with our PSB is based on RestAPI with OAuth2 security. Easily test and deploy with SwaggerUI.

Carefree switching

We check whether the recipient is registered in a network. If so, the invoice is delivered securely and error-free to the recipient's registered e-invoicing address.

What do our users say?

❝ Different networks and different invoice formats were causing additional manual work. As we can now access these networks automatically from one integrated solution, we have made a huge efficiency gain with invoice sending.❞

These (and many other) companies have already joined us

procurement service bus (psb)

The Procurement Service Bus (PSB) provides access to various procurement networks such as Peppol, Coupa and Tungsten.

By setting up and connecting the PSB to your software, ERP or ESB once, documents to and from these networks are automatically routed and transformed. So no more manually logging in to an external billing network or maintaining a one-to-one connection. Maintaining different document formats is also a thing of the past.

When sending documents, we always ensure the optimal delivery route and automatically detect whether customers have registered on the Peppol network, for example.

We transform the proprietary or standard xml format into the format desired by the recipient. This ensures error-free delivery and processing, and (if the network allows it) we return the procuration status of the document.

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