Change of name: eVerbinding becomes eConnect

eVerbinding, market leader in e-invoicing within the Netherlands, will continue its business as eConnect effective from January 2023. Together with our new branding, our new name will bring more uniformity and better alignment with the international market in which we operate.

Outside of the Netherlands and Belgium, eVerbinding has already been operating as eConnect. “Because of several international partnerships, we’ve noticed that our accessibility towards foreign companies is improving. This change of our company’s name will allow us to create a more uniform appearance for all our customers. This way it is clear to everyone who we are,” says Johan Schaeffer, CEO of eConnect.

Peppol increasingly international

Through e-invoicing network Peppol, e-invoices can safely be received and sent. An e-invoice is checked by default for a number of unique characteristics, including IBAN, VAT number and Chamber of Commerce number. This way, customers can be assured their invoices are received by the right party, preventing ghost invoices and double invoices. The number of countries that are making e-invoicing via Peppol mandatory is increasing. According to Schaeffer, this is progress. “Over 40 countries worldwide now use Peppol for the secure transmission of financial documents, and this number is ever increasing. As the Dutch market leader of Peppol connections, we are growing with this trend.”

New look

Besides the change of name, eConnect launches its new website today: This includes a rebranding of our corporate identity, although little changes for our customers: the solutions eConnect provides will continue to work the way they always have. Another thing that remains the same is our team of 30 driven specialists who strive for smart e-invoicing solutions with maximum impact.

About eConnect

eConnect is renowned for e-invoicing and e-procurement through Peppol. As market leader within the Netherlands we pursue a clear vision: accessible, automated, and robust administrative processing of e-invoices for everyone.


18-1-2023, 13:37

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