E-ordering is the next step in making the entire purchase-to-pay chain fully electronic. Do you want this too? eConnect is happy to assist!


speed up your ordering and delivery process

Because the e-order is sent securely through an e-invoicing channel (such as Peppol or DICO), it can be processed error-free in your supplier's order system. This way, they know exactly what to deliver and no mistakes are made in taking over unstructured data.

flip your e-order to e-invoice

The e-order you receive from your customer is the basis for the e-invoice you issue to them. You can easily flip the order without having to perform any manual operations.

never enter orders manually again

Entering orders manually is error-prone. By using e-ordering, we automate this process so that orders can be processed faster.

what do our users say?

❝ Flipping an e-order to an e-invoice ensures me to get paid much faster, because there are never any errors in an invoice.❞

secure purchase-to-pay chain

For receiving or sending e-orders, we use all existing secure e-invoicing networks, such as Peppol, as much as possible. By doing so, we ensure that the purchase-to-pay chain becomes increasingly secure. Processing an e-order (xml) and 'flipping' it to an e-invoice can be done in an increasing amount of software applications at the touch of a button. eConnect has extensive experience in sending and receiving e-orders via, for example, Peppol, and can therefore help your organisation benefit from secure and fast e-order processing too. E-ordering completes the P2P circle so that all parties benefit from efficiency. Not only financially, but also in terms of accuracy and speed of delivery of the good or service.

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