With eConnect, sending and receiving e-invoices is accessible to everyone, regardless of your organisation's industry or size. We make e-invoicing easy!


Secure & reliable

No more ghost invoices or duplicate invoices. Everyone working with e-invoicing via Peppol gets their own e-invoicing address. Much safer than a pdf via e-mail!

automatic & fast

E-invoices are formatted in a fixed format and can therefore be processed automatically in accounting programmes. This saves a lot of manual handling!

error-free & simple

Getting started with e-invoicing is very simple. It can be done via our portal or linking to your software. Because an e-invoice is read automatically, the risk of errors is zero.

What do our users say?

❝ I never thought that implementing e-invoicing would be so easy and have so many benefits. We have much more control over our administration and our invoices are paid faster.❞

these (and many other) companies have already joined us

End User Identification

For receiving and sending, use an e-invoicing network such as Peppol. When using Peppol, a few things are really well taken care of. Consider the End User Identification requirements for registering on the network. This means you can always be sure that the sender of the invoice has been verified and that they may send invoices. In addition, only invoices complying with the invoice requirements can be sent over the network. Of course, the invoices must also comply with an invoice standard described and validated on the network. This way, as the recipient of the invoice, you're sure that the sender exists and that you can submit the invoice without errors.

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