Activating as many suppliers as possible in as short a time as possible, with the aim of receiving e-invoices from them is also known as onboarding. eConnect has a solution that suits every organisation with WeConnect®


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With us, you are in good hands! Our specialists are highly experienced and have a proven track record in e-invoicing. We ensure that the process runs smoothly for you and your suppliers, so together we can strive for a successful introduction of e-invoicing.

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WeConnect® is the revolutionary solution for activating large numbers of suppliers in a short time. Whether it is the local baker or a corporate organisation, we offer a suitable approach for every supplier. What are you waiting for? Discover today how WeConnect® can transform your supplier network!

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Make your suppliers' lives a little easier with our online campaign! This gives them instant insight into how to switch to e-invoicing. They automatically receive tailor-made instructions, without you having to do anything. The result? Suppliers can start using e-invoicing quickly and efficiently.

What do our users say?

❝ My client asked for an e-invoice, PDFs we could no longer send. Fortunately, with eConnect, I was able to get started quickly and notice that my invoices are paid a lot faster by this client!❞

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onboarding with weconnect®

Convincing suppliers to try something new can be a tough job. Fortunately, we at WeConnect® have the solution! Our e-invoicing experts are ready to show suppliers how fast, secure and easy e-invoicing can be. Once switched over, suppliers can enjoy all the benefits of e-invoicing.

And the great thing is, if help is needed, we are always there for them. Whether they are a self-employed person or a large company, our unique activation campaign works for everyone. We have already proven that WeConnect® works for a variety of organisations.

Wondering how we can convince your suppliers to join the future of e-invoicing? Get in touch and discover the possibilities!


what is the investment?

E-invoicing via Peppol is the future. Since 2019, governments are required to be able to receive e-invoices. In fact, in countries surrounding the Netherlands, e-invoicing is already mandatory for all B2B and B2G invoicing. Because of this, more and more organisations are switching to e-invoicing as well. Activating your suppliers to send e-invoices is not complicated. We help you step by step with the successful onboarding of all your suppliers, from 'the corner shop' to multinationals. It does require some knowledge and know-how from your own staff, but we support them in that too. An online campaign makes it crystal clear to suppliers how they can switch easily. Everyone immediately receives tailor-made instructions, fully automatically. So every supplier can start quickly!

How do I get my suppliers to e-invoice?

We have a suitable solution for every organisation. There are also great benefits for suppliers of sending an e-invoice instead of a PDF by email. It is more secure because an e-invoice is checked by default for a number of unique characteristics, such as IBAN, VAT number and Chamber of Commerce (KVK) number. The supplier gets instant insight into the status of the invoice: if it has arrived properly or even already has been made payable. It has also been proven that e-invoices are paid faster, so the suppliers gets their money faster. We help you activate your suppliers. You can choose to do much of it yourself, but you can also opt for more assistance.

What results can I expect?

The outcomes differ naturally across organizations, yet in a short term you can already notice results. For example, the Province of North Brabant was at over 90% received e-invoices within 3 months.

Are my suppliers ready for e-invoicing?

Anyone can e-invoice! Suppliers can e-invoice from their own software; we have linkups with more than 30 financial software packages. If your supplier does not work with a software package, they can use our free e-invoicing platform.

How does onboarding work?

We can tell you all about onboarding and have a suitable solution for every organisation. If you want to know more, schedule a free, no-obligation meeting with us!