What is an e-invoice?

An e-invoice, also known as electronic invoice or e-invoice, is a digital file formatted according to set standards. It is often mistakenly thought that e-invoicing is sending an invoice electronically in pdf format, for example. This is not the case: e-invoicing goes a step further.

The e-invoice is formatted in UBL (Universal Business Language) and is based on XML. The latter is the best known and most widely used standard for structuring documents. An e-invoice, for this reason also called UBL invoice, can be read directly by most financial software. This no longer requires manual input. An e-invoice must meet the same legal requirements as the 'normal' invoice.

You can easily send an e-invoice with eConnect, via our e-invoice portal or via your own software.

Benefits of an e-invoice


By default, an e-invoice is checked on the e-invoicing network for a number of unique characteristics, including IBAN, VAT number and Chamber of Commerce number. Ghost invoices and duplicate invoices are thus intercepted.


E-invoices are formatted in UBL and can therefore easily be processed in accounting programmes. This also means fewer manual operations are required.

Real-time data

Data is exchanged quickly, giving both the receiver and sender real-time information regarding their payments. As no manual operations are required, this process is not slowed down.


E-invoices are almost immediately available in the accounting programme. As a result, they can also be approved faster by the recipient.


Because a UBL invoice is read automatically, there is no chance of errors.


No invoices need to be sent by regular mail, saving printing and postage costs. Moreover, fewer human actions are required.

How do I process an e-invoice?

To easily share e-invoices with each other, a connection to the Peppol network is required. This network consists of software and e-invoicing service providers that makes the direct exchange of e-invoices easy and accessible to everyone. By signing up to eConnect, you can use this network and easily process e-invoices.