VanMeijel Automatisering and e-invoicing specialist eConnect enter into partnership

Woerden/Emmeloord, March 7, 2023 - eConnect, market leader in the field of e-invoicing in the Netherlands, will collaborate with VanMeijel Automatisering (Metacom), automation specialist for the entire construction industry. With this collaboration, VanMeijel customers can now also easily send and receive e-invoices via Peppol and DICO.

The construction sector is constantly changing and digitalization is playing an increasingly prominent role. This concerns, for example, the industrialization of the construction process, but also collaboration via online systems. E-invoicing fits in seamlessly with this. Not only is the secure sending of e-invoices via the Peppol e-invoicing network possible, the automatic processing of e-invoices in VanMeijel's accounting package also saves the customer a lot of time. Thanks to the simple integration with eConnect, VanMeijel customers can get started right away.

Send and receive e-invoices

VanMeijel has been offering the option of digitally processing both sales invoices and purchase invoices for years. In recent years, the Peppol network has been increasingly used for sales invoices. For purchasing invoices, a lot of focus is now on the DICO standard, the Dutch messaging standard for digital communication between chain parties in the construction and installation sector. VanMeijel therefore looked for a way to integrate both worlds into their software, so that their customers do not have to worry about different standards or networks.

best of breed

The choice for eConnect is therefore not entirely coincidental: “We often see: the larger the company, the more different apps/systems are used side by side to support the processes. This is certainly not unwise; then you have the best solution for each process. It is also called a 'best-of-breed approach'. This means that you do not tie your company to one system, but rather look for the optimal software solutions for each specific part of the company - even if these come from different suppliers," says Arnold Ruisch, Senior Account Manager at VanMeijel.

eConnect fits perfectly with this approach. Marcel van Wensem, Sales Director at eConnect: “We listen to the customer and therefore continue to innovate. I am proud of our product and also notice that more and more (software) parties are opting for an integrated e-invoicing solution, such as we have. Do not develop yourself, but collaborate with the specialist in the market. This way, all our partners benefit from the knowledge that we have built up with our team in recent years.”

Digitize all documents with DICO and Peppol

In addition to e-invoices, VanMeijel customers can also send and receive other documents established within DICO. This could include an order confirmation, packing slip and/or delivery note. By also processing these documents digitally, the administrative process is optimized.

By digitally recording the order confirmation, it is known which product will be delivered at what price. If the packing slip/delivery slip is also processed automatically, the executor only needs to check the quantities. A digital agreement on the receipt is enough! This means that extensive input of rules is no longer necessary. The invoice will therefore match much more often and its processing can therefore also be simplified and therefore accelerated.

The synergy between Peppol and DICO ensures that VanMeijel customers can process all types of documents electronically.

Sustainable cooperation

VanMeijel is proud of the collaboration with eConnect: “VanMeijel went looking for the best party in the field of e-invoicing. With eConnect, sending and receiving e-invoices is accessible to every organization. The eConnect software can easily be linked to our existing software. This makes implementation quick and easy.”

eConnect is also happy with the partnership: “We always aim for long-term cooperation and look for partners that suit us. We make e-invoicing easy. Just like VanMeijel, they also like to make administration more efficient, simpler and more fun for their customers. We hope that through this collaboration the construction sector will see how e-invoicing can contribute to this,” says Marcel van Wensem.

About eConnect

We contribute to innovation in the field of real e-invoicing

eConnect is modernizing one of the most important and time-consuming business processes: making the administration process completely electronic: machine2machine. Our mission: fully automatic administration for every organization.

We do this from a very clear vision. Our starting point is e-invoicing over a secure and open network. All processes within eConnect are aimed at the strongest possible automatic growth of e-invoicing. This is based on our own detection mechanisms, but also by others


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