Procurement Service Bus

Connect your software to e-invoicing networks

The Procurement Service Bus (PSB) is an extremely reliable and scalable solution with a simple API, where transformation and status exchange is handled natively. In addition, you can connect your software to the worldwide Peppol network or other e-invoicing networks, such as Ariba, Tungsten, Coupa or Tradeshift. The PSB is a white-label product and can be fully integrated. E-invoicing has never been so easy and accessible. You can find the characteristics of the PSB below.

Proactive route detection

E-invoicing without any manual setup. We actively check the Peppol ID of the recipient party.


Recipient sends status exchange updates from the procurement flow through the connected network of the sender. Sender receives invoice status from the connected network.

Rest-API en Native Push

The PSB is based on REST API Webservices with OAUTH2-security. The status and delivery of documents are sent via push messages to the customer’s endpoint.

All known e-invoicing networks

In addition to default Peppol, you also have direct access to other e-invoicing networks, such as Ariba, Tungsten, Coupa and Tradeshift.

Retry mechanism

Guaranteed delivery requires integrated retry mechanisms. If your network is down, all messsages will still be delivered when the system is back online.

XML transformation

Should the customer wish a different format or version from yours; don’t fret! The PSB automatically recognizes which transformation is required for document delivery.

“Through the integration of all messaging (including packing slips, orders and invoices) between various networks and standards related to the purchase of goods and services, we have mastered the process of purchase-to-pay (P2P).”

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PROCUREMENT SERVICE BUS – how does it work?

eConnect has had its own Access Point since 2013. The high standards of the eConnect platform and enterprise customers (high volume senders and receivers) have resulted in the development of a ‘high performance’ version, which is set up as a service bus. This Procurement Service Bus (PSB) replaces the Access Point (aPaas) and is developed for high volume processing, leveraging redundancy and extremely high availability.

The Procurement Service Bus (PSB) is made for high volume senders and as a whitelabel solution for Billing Service Providers (BSP) and ERP packages. The PSB is the most innovative and reliable method of access to the Peppol network available on the market.

The Procurement Service Bus (PSB) is set up for high volume processing while maintaining the traceability of every document. This prevents batch processing and allows real-time monitoring of the status of an individual document. Even in the minimal configuration, the incoming load is distributed over five access points through reliable queuing. Load balancing is applied to dynamically distribute high load to and from the PSB (and external services). The infrastructure can scale at any moment, without impact to your service. This means fully automatic and guaranteed delivery, even with high volumes!

eConnect is ISO27001 certified. That’s why eConnect only uses certified cloud services with data storage in Europe (Microsoft Azure).

Want to know more about the Procurement Service Bus? Have a look at this page!