Procurement Service Bus (PSB)

Processing high invoice volumes

eConnect has had its own Access Point since 2013. The high standards of the eConnect platform and enterprise customers (high volume senders and receivers) have resulted in the development of a ‘high performance’ version, which is set up as a service bus. This Procurement Service Bus (PSB) replaces the Access Point (aPaas) and is developed for high volume processing, leveraging redundancy and extremely high availability.

The Procurement Service Bus (PSB) is made for high volume senders and as a whitelabel solution for Billing Service Providers (BSP) and ERP packages. The PSB is the most innovative and reliable method of access to the Peppol network available on the market.

Advantages of the Procurement Service Bus (PSB)

Fast and traceable (<100ms average  sending)

Sending e-invoices is extremely fast. On average, the DocumentId is returned within 100ms and the document is processed. The Document Id also serves as a reference of the sent document (the track and trace code). In short, it’s fast and traceable.

High invoice volumes

The Procurement Service Bus (PSB) is set up for high volume processing while maintaining the traceability of every document. This prevents batch processing and allows real-time monitoring of the status of an individual document. Even in the minimal configuration, the incoming load is distributed over five access points through reliable queuing. Load balancing is applied to dynamically distribute high load to and from the PSB (and external services). The infrastructure can scale at any moment, without impact to your service. This means fully automatic and guaranteed delivery, even with high volumes!

Reliable availability

The Procurement Service Bus (PSB) has been implemented with reliability in mind. Each file or data element is stored synchronously in three different locations. By the time the DocumentId is provided, processing is guaranteed and this results in an extremely high availability.

Safe and reliable

eConnect is ISO27001 certified. That’s why eConnect only uses certified cloud services with data storage in Europe (Microsoft Azure).

Continuous monitoring

eConnect provides a PSB hosted in the Azure cloud. Continuous monitoring by eConnect on all deliveries is of the utmost importance, with automatic retries taking place if necessary by default. In case of errors, statuses are issued and a supplemental signal can be added. Customized reports can be configured on request.

Features of the Procurement Service Bus (PSB)

The high amount of integrated Access Points and the current featureset ensure that the PSB plays a prominent and distinguished role in the current market. Planned features make sure the PSB of eConnect remains innovative. For example, we have been involved in the AS4 protocol at a European level since 2017, and we have been major proponents of a retry mechanism.

Proactive route detection – #PEPPOLfirst

Where can the receiver be reached? Can the receiver also receive the correct document type? And is the Access Point of the receiver set up correctly? eConnect monitors this and chooses the best delivery in no time. Automatic detection has been reliably integrated into financial software.


eConnect was the first Access Point of Simplerinvoicing to go live in October 2013. The switch from the START protocol to AS2 was quickly made. The protocol was changed again in 2019, from AS2 to AS4. Because eConnect is the only Dutch participant involved with the European CEF MADE project, the AS4 Access Point has been tested and further developed by us since 2017.

REST-API and Native Push

The PSB is based on REST API Webservices with OAUTH2-security. These ensure proper communication and high security standards. The statuses and delivery of documents are sent to the customer’s endpoint by PUSH notifications. For environments that run on premise, a reverse webhook is available while maintaining real-time push.

Audit trail and retention period

During the process of delivery, all technical and functional steps the document goes through are registered. This data forms the audit trail and is provided through push notifications. The document remains available for 6 weeks and can be downloaded during this period. The audit trail naturally remains available for a longer period.

Retry mechanism

In practice it is often the case that Access Points of receivers are temporarily unavailable. eConnect continually resubmits the invoice over the next 48 hours, with added queue monitoring. If necessary, the CloudOps team will contact the receiving Access Point to ensure the invoice is delivered eventually.

More information about the Procurement Service Bus?

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